Our Manufacturing Unit

PT JAFA PALMA INDONESIA, We are one of the highest volume of coconut shell charcoal manufacturer in Indonesia. We have the largest factory, located in Cirebon.

About Our Production & Quality.

High-volume manufacturing processes enable manufacturers to produce goods faster, in the same time we are producing high quality products. During the production,It is important to know that oxygen could destroy shells if the air will not be limited. It should be used clean, fully dried and mature shells in order to get high quality charcoal.

Charcoal for hookah or shisha smoking must be hard, high density, easy to ignite, and burn longer. So we are checking our production from the beginning till the end in order to obtain a good quality product.

Marketing studies have proved again and again that high-quality brands will obtain more repeat purchases. Quality is what a product can do for a customer. So Our no.1 aim is the quality not the quantity.

We provide awesomness!

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